Tips for The Best Hard Floor Care: A Guide By Clear Choice Janitorial

Tips for The Best Hard Floor Care

Hard floors like VCT, concrete, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, and asphalt are popular choices for residential and commercial flooring. They are attractive, durable, and easy to maintain.

But hard floors also require regular care and maintenance to preserve their original condition for a long time.

In this blog, we have discussed some helpful hard floor care tips by our experts at Clear Choice Janitorial. These will help you maintain and prolong the appearance and longevity of your floors.

7 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hard Floor

1. Regular Cleaning

The most essential hard floor care tip is ensuring regular cleaning. Floors experience high foot traffic and accumulate dirt and grime. It eventually makes the floors look filthy and dull.

You can maintain the spotless look of your floors by ensuring regular vacuuming, sweeping, and moping. Our experts suggest vacuuming the floors with a soft-bristle brush attachment and mopping with a damp microfiber cloth to keep the floor clean.

2. Clean the spills immediately

Accidental spills on the floor are very common and you can’t simply avoid them. But you can clean them up as soon as it comes to your notice. Treating the spills right away prevents them from turning into stains.

Use a paper towel or a clean cloth and wipe the spills. Avoid rubbing the spills as it can spread them further. If the spills have turned into stubborn stains, apply an adequate amount of cleaning solution and wipe it down on the floor.

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

You must use cleaning solutions that are the right fit for your floor type. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage your floor and might also lead to permanent stains & discoloration.

For cleaning the floors, the best cleaning solution you can use is warm water and dishwashing liquid soap. Before using any store-bought solutions, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s instructions on the product, or you can consult a professional cleaning service.

4. Protect the floor from excess wear & tear

Your floors undergo constant deterioration during our day-to-day use. It not only makes your floors worn out and reduces their lifespan. We can’t stop the deterioration but can certainly reduce it.

Place doormats at the entrances or in high-foot traffic areas so that less dirt and debris accumulate on your floor. You can also place furniture pads underneath the heavy-weighed furniture to avoid dents on the floor. This also prevents the floor from scratches while moving from one place to another.

5. Floor stripping and waxing.

Floor stripping and waxing is another helpful step in floor care for VCT and hardwood floors. It involves the removal of an old wax coat, replacing it with a new one. This process keeps the floors free from dirt and grime and extends the life of the floor by reducing regular wear and tear.

We advise getting your floors stripped and waxed by professionals like us. At Clear Choice Janitorial, we provide excellent floor stripping and waxing that can maintain the new-like appearance of your floor for a long time.

6. Avoiding excess moisture

You must prevent your hard floors from excess moisture and keep them dry. The remaining water and leftover spills, turn into hard stains and might lead to mold and mildew growth if swept into the floor. Therefore, after cleaning the floors thoroughly, make sure to remove the excess moisture and dry them.

7. Regular cleaning by professionals

In spite of putting in the best effort to take care of your floor, it is always better to hire a professional who would clean and maintain the floors regularly.

Experts use the most appropriate tools and techniques to retain the original shine of your floors. In most cases, the professionals use a steam cleaning method, to deep clean the floors and remove dust particles, stains, odors, and allergens.

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