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How Commercial Floor Cleaning Impacts Your Business Success

Why Clean Floors Are Vital for Business Success

Clear Choice Janitorial Solutions Team

If you run a business, you’re always looking for ways to improve your success. You might be surprised to know that commercial floor cleaning can play a powerful role in creating a successful business. Keep reading to discover how clean floors help your business succeed and what you can do to achieve them.

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Why Your Business Needs Commercial Floor Care

What are the benefits of maintaining clean floors for your business? 

Provides Brand Support

Don’t underestimate the role your floors play in your professional image and first impressions. Your customers set subconscious expectations about the level of service they’ll receive based on your brand and impressions. However, they also know that actions speak louder than words.

No matter what the customer thinks of you based on your marketing, if they see dirty floors, they’ll believe you don’t care about the details, and thus can’t provide the level of service they desire. Conversely, when a customer sees a pristine surface, they’ll know you have the meticulous dedication to meet their needs.

Safety and Accident Prevention

Dirty floors are a safety hazard. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2020, 18% of all non-fatal work-related injuries were slips, trips, or falls. Unclean areas can cause injuries in several different ways, such as:

  • Ignoring spills is a leading cause of slips in the workplace.
  • When dirt accumulates, it can become as slippery as liquid.
  • Bunched-up carpets pose tripping hazards for both employees and visitors.
  • If employees crowd hallways and stairwells with disorganized inventory or clutter, they’re creating tripping hazards.
  • Doorways are vulnerable to rain, snow, and sleet, leaving customers at risk of slipping.

Workplace injuries can seriously jeopardize the productivity, budget, and reputation of your business, so keeping your floors clean provides a vital avenue for success.

Productivity and Employee Well-Being

You can’t underestimate the importance of employee hygiene and health in running a successful business. Whether you have one employee or 500, when a worker feels sick, they either function less productively or miss work completely. Unclean floors can pose serious health risks to both employees and customers by potentially causing the following issues and more:

  • Carpets are a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, but hard floors like wood and concrete can also allow germs to breed.
  • Accumulating dirt and dust can cause your employees’ allergies or respiratory issues to flare up, making it hard for them to concentrate or requiring them to take frequent breaks.
  • If you don’t properly clean and dry your floors, water and other liquids can settle in, leading to mold or mildew and the chronic health conditions that arise from long-term exposure to them.

By simply investing in clean flooring, you reduce the frequency of sick days and help your employees stay productive. If you want reliable floor cleaning services, call (916) 750-0101 for a free quote for commercial floor cleaning by Clear Choice Janitorial.

Longevity of Flooring

Your floors experience wear and tear and can experience damage like any other part of your building, especially in high-traffic or common-use areas. Whether you have a carpet, tile, hardwood, or concrete floor, regular cleaning is an essential part of helping your floors last as long as possible.

Ignoring cleaning can lead to the following issues with your flooring:

  • Without immediate removal, corrosive materials eat away the finishing of your hard flooring.
  • Coarse dirt and dust can grind into your flooring leaving it with many scratches.
  • Liquid can get into the seams of your hardwood or tile flooring. It then expands and causes cracks.
  • When dirt grinds into the rug, it wears out the fibers and they start fraying and clumping.

Compliance with Standards

Many industries and jurisdictions have detailed guidelines that dictate workplace cleanliness. Whether you’re running a restaurant, massage clinic, or retail store, not staying compliant with workplace guidelines can come with heavy fines and a damaged reputation.

For example, part 1910.22 of OSHA’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards outlines the rules associated with walking-working surfaces. Knowingly and repeatedly violating OSHA standards can incur a fine of up to $70,000 and can result in prison time.

Cost-Effectiveness and Maintenance

Investing in regular cleaning helps you save money in the long term. You’ll have more productive workers and won’t pay for as many sick days. You’ll also avoid costly penalties for non-compliance issues and won’t have to spend money replacing your floors more frequently than normal.

Clean floors make maintenance easier. You’ll spend less time dealing with damaged surfaces and more time focusing on maintaining your equipment so you can reduce your company’s downtime.

How to Keep Your Best Cleaning

You can implement the following best practices to help keep your workplace floors clean.

Ask Employees for Help

The most basic approach to keeping your workplace clean is asking your employees to stay conscientious and help. Place mats at every door and post signs reminding them to wipe their feet. Provide easy access to cleaning supplies like towels, trash bins, and all-natural cleaners so employees can clean up their spills.

Implement Policies

With your HR and management teams, establish and enforce policies that help create and maintain a clean work environment. Common policies include:

  • Instructions for reporting spills
  • Restroom etiquette to prevent overflowing toilets
  • Lunch or break room policies for avoiding food messes and cleaning up after meals

Hire Commercial Cleaners

The best thing you can do to keep the floors in your business clean is to hire professional commercial cleaners. When you hire Clear Choice Janitorial for your cleaning needs, you’ll gain the following benefits:

  • Professional commercial cleaners know how to remove stains without damaging the floor and perform other services that maintain the life of your flooring better than most employees you hire for janitorial services.
  • Because they can use economies of scale and maintain multiple customers, a professional cleaning company can keep your floors clean for a much more affordable price than you pay to maintain a janitorial staff.
  • Commercial cleaners can better work within your schedule by cleaning while your workers aren’t there, which reduces downtime and distractions.
  • When contracting with a commercial cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about all the administrative headaches that come with keeping a janitorial staff. The company deals with replacing employees, training them, and paying them so you don’t have to.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring commercial cleaners, reach out to one of our team members at (916) 750-0101.

The Commercial Cleaning Process

What happens when you hire a company like Clear Choice Janitorial to clean your floors? The process differs slightly whether you need cleaning for carpets or hard-surface flooring.

Carpet Cleaning Procedure

When you hire a commercial cleaner to maintain your carpets, ensure they include the following services:

  • Regular vacuuming that removes the majority of dirt on the surface
  • Deep cleaning that can reach the base of the carpet’s fibers
  • Pre-treatments that appropriately prepare the carpet for cleaning
  • Customized approaches that can address your specific needs or challenges
  • Advanced methods and equipment for enhanced cleaning results
  • Use of natural cleaning solutions that won’t endanger pets or people
  • Flexible schedules that can perform the cleaning when you need it

With the right commercial cleaning company, you’ll have carpets that look and smell fresh, last longer, and maintain the air quality of your work environment. 

Cleaning Hard-Surface Flooring

Hard surface flooring includes tiles with grout, hardwood flooring, vinyl floors, concrete slabs, and more. It involves a few different levels of care.

The most basic level of care for your hard flooring is keeping it free of dust and dirt that could scratch it and increase someone’s chances of slipping. You should do this daily, especially in high-traffic areas, and it only requires a broom and a slightly wet mop or cloth. You should do a deeper clean with a powerful mop about once a week.

The next level of care involves waxing your floors, and you should complete this service every six months to ensure your surface stays in peak condition. At a minimum, wax your floors every two years. The wax protects your floor from wear and tear, extending its lifespan, and it can also help hide existing damage like dents or chips.

The final level of care involves refinishing your floors. Contrary to popular belief, the necessary frequency doesn’t depend on the type of flooring you have. Whether you have hardwood floors that require a new coat of stain or concrete that needs new epoxy, you should refinish the floors every two or three years.

Clear Choice Janitorial Helps Keep Your Business Clean

When you invest in commercial floor cleaning, you’re making a smart decision that you’ll see reap incredible benefits. From saving you money in the long term to keeping your employees healthy, you can’t underestimate the effect of clean floors. 

Clear Choice Janitorial provides meticulous cleaning services for a surprisingly competitive price. You can receive a free quote when you call  (916) 750-0101.

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