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Residential Cleaning Service

Keeping your house spic and span is no easy task. Your busy and hectic schedule can make it even tougher. After all, you do not want to spend your spare time cleaning the house. Our residential cleaning service keeps your home neat and clean, no matter what time of the day.

We offer basic and deep cleaning services for all types of residences. Our basic house cleaning service includes sweeping and mopping the floor, cobweb removal, dusting and cleaning the surfaces, as well as dusting fixtures like ceiling lamps, lights, and blinds. We also offer deep cleaning services like stovetop and countertop scrubbing and cleaning, kitchen cabinet cleaning, mirror cleaning, and sofa cleaning.

The highlight of our residential cleaning service is move-in and move-out cleaning. Our staff thoroughly cleans and disinfects the house before you move in with your furniture. Similarly, at the time of move-out, they undertake a deep cleaning of the house, so that your home looks exactly the way it did.

We also offer additional services like carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, and window cleaning. Our services are available all over the USA. Whichever part of the country you are in, our services are available to you.

Our company is fully licensed and fully staffed, and we do not subcontract the work to third parties. All our cleaning staff is well-trained to do the job at hand. We offer a 100% guarantee for our work.

Commercial Cleaning Services

“The first impression is the best impression.” This is particularly true for commercial spaces that are frequented by people all the time. Because of the high foot traffic, commercial areas tend to get dirty very fast. Having a professional cleaning agency do a thorough cleaning of the space is essential.

If you are looking for any type of cleaning service for your commercial establishment, we will help you out. We offer both basic and deep cleaning for all types of commercial buildings. We clean office complexes, government buildings, medical facilities, retail establishments, and even warehouses.

Our services include basic cleaning like sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting surfaces and cleaning the restrooms. We also do deep cleaning, depending on the type of space. For office complexes, we undertake cubicle cleaning, blind and curtain cleaning, and carpet cleaning. For medical facilities, where cleanliness is of utmost importance, we offer specialized cleaning with the right cleaning products.

In addition to regular cleaning, we also offer move-in and move-out cleaning for commercial establishments. Before the furniture is moved into the new space, we do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all the surfaces. Similarly, once all the furniture are removed at the time of move-out, we dust and clean the surfaces.

Well-trained staff with years of experience in cleaning commercial establishments is our backbone. Every member of our cleaning staff is fully insured and we do not outsource the work to third parties. If you are looking for a cleaning company that offers the best and professional approach to cleaning, we are the right choice.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet serves a dual purpose in every room. It creates a visual appeal and enhances the overall beauty of the room. At the same time, it also adds to the warmth and comfort of the room. At home, it provides a cozy surface where kids can sit and play.

But did you know that carpets are hot-beds of germs and allergens? If not cleaned regularly, carpets can affect your healthy living. Carpets contain several airborne particles that can create breathing problems like asthma. Dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye can sometimes cause skin allergies. Though vacuuming helps remove these mites, you cannot eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms present in the carpet.

An unclean carpet can also create a stuffed and unpleasant atmosphere inside the house. This is because the air quality inside the house becomes poor due to the presence of airborne particles. Keeping the carpet clean helps to improve the quality of indoor air.

A neat and clean carpet provides an improved look and feel to the home. As more dust and dirt accumulates on the carpet, the carpet fiber gets worn off and starts to appear old and rough. Through regular cleaning, you can bring back the original sheen of the carpet.

At Clear Choice Janitorial, we provide residential and office carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning services. We have state-of-the-art equipment and products to clean all types of floor carpets. Our cleaning staff is also well-trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning. Get in touch with us right away for all your carpet cleaning requirements.

Special Cleaning

In today’s times, it is essential that you keep your home and office clean, as well as germ-free. Thus, regular disinfection of surfaces is highly necessary to get rid of microbes and other harmful germs.

At Clear Choice Janitorial, we offer special coronavirus cleaning services for both homes and commercial spaces. We use anti-microbial spray that can clean and disinfect every nook and corner of the room. The water-based anti-microbial spray kills germs instantly, thus disinfecting all surfaces. It also creates a coating on the sprayed areas, thus inhibiting the growth of microbes for a long time. Once sprayed, the solution can protect the surface for up to three months.

For interiors where cleanliness and disinfecting are of utmost importance, like hospitals and clinics, we also offer electrostatic cleaning. With this service, we make use of electrostatic spray  that can get to even the out-of-reach spots of the room. With electrostatic spray, an electric charge passes through every droplet of disinfectant, thus creating a uniform mist that wraps around and kills all microorganisms present in the surroundings. Another benefit of E- spray is that it lasts longer than conventional disinfecting. Thus, once disinfected, you are provided with complete protection.

We, at Clear Choice Janitorial, provide proper training to all our cleaning staff in special cleaning services. Our account manager visits your site and discusses your requirements before finalizing on a project. Thus, you are ensured of 100% professional and efficient service from us.