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Healthcare Environmental Service

The healthcare industry calls for a safe and healthy environment. Whether ifor the patients, staff members or the facilities, keeping the area clean is of utmost importance. At Clear Choice Janitorial, we understand the importance of cleanliness in a healthcare environment and do our best to address your specific needs.

We offer routine cleaning services like sweeping and mopping all wards and clinics, and cleaning of spots and spillages. We provide special attention to frequently touched surfaces like door handles, light switches and taps. Deep cleaning is undertaken for hospital mattresses, carpets, curtains ,and sofas to ward off infection. Our staff members are also trained to clean critical care units, special baby care units, and surgical theaters. Once a patient is discharged, we undertake discharge or terminal cleaning and disinfection of the area.

We make use of environment-friendly cleaning products to clean the floor and surfaces. For rooms that require intensive cleaning, phenolics, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and steam are used for disinfecting and cleaning the surface. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that the rooms are cleaned as fast as possible while causing minimum disturbance to the patients.

At Clear Choice Janitorial, we provide hourly, daily and weekly cleaning for hospitals as you require. We are fully licensed and fully staffed and do not outsource the work to third parties. We also follow an environment-friendly approach towards cleaning, which makes a favorite with hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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