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Mistakes to Avoid While Stripping and Waxing Floors: Guide by Clear Choice Janitorial

Mistakes to Avoid While Stripping and Waxing Floors: Guide by Clear Choice Janitorial

With constant use, the floors get worn out. They seem to look dull and their original shine starts fading. While cleaning can help, it cannot repair the dullness. That is when your floors need stripping and waxing to get rid of the old and dull layer of wax and get a new coating.

However, when homeowners decide to do the job themselves, they are often prone to some mistakes that can cause damage to their floors. And so, our experts from Clear Choice Janitorial are here with some floor stripping and waxing mistakes to help you avoid them.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Floor Stripping and Waxing

1. Incomplete stripping

Stripping should never be rushed. A new coating can only be applied properly if the old one is removed completely. It is similar to repainting a wall. If some portions of the old wax are remaining, it will result in uneven looks.

2. Not choosing the right floor wax

The choice of wax depends on the type of your floor. For example, linoleum and unvarnished hardwood floors need liquid wax. If you mistakenly choose the wrong one, you may end up damaging your floors. We suggest cross-checking the product before you buy it to ensure it is safe to use on your type of floor.

One more mistake people may make is that they consider furniture wax for their floors due to its increased shine. Floor wax and furniture wax are different and if used interchangeably, your floors can become slippery.

3. Ad-hoc Application of wax

You know that once the wax is applied, you cannot walk over it until it dries. Being busy in the process, people start from the entrance and work their way towards the room’s end. What happens, at last, is you get trapped in the corner and cannot step out of it.

The ideal sequence to wax is from the end towards the entrance. So that you can make your way out once you finish waxing the last section of your floor. This is similar to mopping as well.

4. Covering The Entire Floor At Once

Stripping and waxing is a lengthy process and takes time. Wanting to finish the task sooner, many homeowners start working on the entire floor at once. This makes the process ineffective as the strippers you apply will dry before you can remove them.

And as you occupy the entire room, you will not get free space to walk and operate your tools. We recommend working in sections for the best results.

5. Not Reading The Label

Every stripper and wax product you use during the process comes with a label of instructions. Floor stripping and waxing requires the right techniques and the right amount of time. If you fail to follow the guide, the results will not come out as desired.

Summing Up

Not reading the label, not stripping the floors properly, and choosing the wrong floor stripper and wax can result in ineffective results. Moreover, carrying out the process on an ad-hoc basis and covering the entire room at one time will make it inconvenient for you. By avoiding the above mistakes pointed out by our experts, you can prevent potential damage to your floors and ensure proper execution.
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