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Banks & Financial Institution Cleaning

Banks and financial institutions witness heavy foot traffic every day. Though transactions have migrated to digital mode, people still visit banks for various other purposes. Considering this high footfall, the chances of infection spreading is very high. Moreover, such institutions have a large number of storage units for files and documents. If not maintained properly, these files and documents can get damaged in no time. It is very important to maintain cleanliness in banks and financial institutions.

Clear Choice Janitorial is here to undertake a thorough cleaning of your institution. We offer basic cleaning like sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting and washing the restroom on a daily basis. We also disinfect all the touch points on a daily basis. We also undertake deep cleaning services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, sofa cleaning and drapery cleaning on a weekly basis.

We know the confidential nature of banks and financial institutions and undertake the cleaning work based on your security protocol. Our cleaning staff understand the value of time and complete the work within the stipulated time frame. We have state-of-the art equipment and cleaning products, with which we provide a thorough cleaning of your facility.

Cleaning Choice Janitorial offers its service all over the USA. We are a fully licensed company and recruit our staff directly. We do not outsource the work to third parties. If you are looking for fully professional and highly efficient cleaning service at an affordable rate, Cleaning Choice Janitorial is the name you can trust.

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