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Airport Terminal Cleaning

Airport terminals can be a hotbed of germs. With thousands of people passing through the terminal every day, all types of trash, spills pile up. All this provides an unclean look to the terminal and results in the fast spread of infection. To overcome this, regular cleaning and disinfection of airport terminals is of utmost importance.

We, at Clear Choice Janitorial, offer airport janitorial service at the most affordable rate. Our basic service includes mopping and cleaning the terminals, restrooms, offices, VIP areas, security check area, baggage claim area and ticket counters. We also offer deep cleaning services like sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning in the terminal area. If there is any emergency cleaning requirement, our staff will be there to help you out.

Our cleaning staff are well-trained in all aspects of cleaning. They pay special attention to the security aspect of the airport and carry out their job accordingly. As the airport is open 24/7, our staff will also be available round the clock.

Clear Choice Janitorial is a fully licensed company. We are fully staffed and do not depend on third parties to complete the job. All our staff are fully insured and bonded. The airport authorities are not held responsible for any accident that happens on site. If you are looking for thorough and professional cleaning of airport terminals, then we are here to help you out.

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