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Daily Porter Service

A commercial building experiences a lot of traffic on a normal working day. This calls for regular cleaning and maintenance so that the property does not get worn out easily. A porter service functions as a daytime janitorial service and ensures that the building is kept spic and span.

Some of the most common services performed by a porter include:

  • Lobby maintenance: This includes sweeping and mopping the floor, and dusting all surfaces. The sofa and carpets are vacuum cleaned at regular intervals so that dust does not accumulate.
  • Restroom restocking and sanitation: The restroom should be cleaned several times a day to remain hygienic. The toilet supplies are also replenished as and when it runs outĀ of stock.
  • Removing trash: Commercial buildings accumulate a lot of trash daily. This should be removed at regular intervals so that it does not overflow. A porter does the job of removing the trash and keeping the bin clean.
  • Cleaning communal areas: The kitchens, cafeterias, patios, and break rooms also need cleaning regularly. A porter undertakes floor and surface cleaning of all these areas.
  • Meeting setup and tear down: A meeting room should be adequately cleaned and arranged well before the actual meeting starts. Similarly, once the meeting is over, all the furniture should be neatly arranged, and the floor cleaned thoroughly. A porterĀ undertakes all these tasks in the most professional way.

At Clear Choice Janitorial, our staff is well-trained in all aspects of commercial cleaning.
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