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Event Center Cleaning

Visitors to an event center need neat and clean surroundings where they can enjoy the event. They do not want to be distracted by dirty seats, unclean floors and a messy hall. Whether it is an open-air or indoor event center, cleanliness is of utmost importance.

We, at Clear Choice Janitorial, understand the need for neat and clean surroundings for an event center. We undertake cleaning for all types of event centers, such as community centers, movie theaters, and concert and conference halls. We also provide cleaning of outdoor facilities like sports stadiums and outdoor wedding venues. Apart from cleaning, we also disinfect all the surfaces so that your visitors are safe and well-protected.

We offer both pre and post event clean up. Our pre-event cleaning service includes sweeping and mopping the floor, seat cleaning and vacuuming, carpet cleaning and cleaning the restroom. Waste management is properly coordinated so that all waste generated is removed without delay. After the event, we thoroughly clean the entire premises including venue and wash room cleaning, spill cleaning, litter picking, and segregating waste.

Experienced cleaning staff are the backbone of our business. They are well-trained in all aspects of cleaning and know how to operate state-of-the art equipment and use the right products for cleaning. All staff are directly recruited by us and we do not subcontract the work to third parties. If you are looking to get an event center cleaned while causing minimum disturbance to the visitors, then Clear Choice Janitorial is the number one choice.

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