Common Pressure Washing Mistakes To Avoid

Pressure Washing Mistakes To Avoid
June 22, 2023

Pressure washing is the most effective method to clean the exterior and interior of your property. With the help of the pressure washing technique, you can eliminate dirt, debris, stains, and other particles from the place and give it a fresh new look.

Even though there are many benefits of pressure washing, some cleaning mistakes can lead to negative effects while doing so. Mistakes can increase the damage and might harm your property. Thus, read this blog to learn about the mistakes that you can avoid while executing pressure washing.

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Performing Pressure Washing

1) Applying too much pressure

Experts at Clear Choice Janitorial advise you to avoid using too much pressure while performing pressure washing at your property. Use the right amount of pressure to clean and maintain the place. Excessive amounts might lead to great damage.

It might ruin your soft and smooth surfaces, concrete walls, paints, wood, and surroundings. Understand the amount of pressure to be used to prevent damaging property.

2) Avoiding nearby areas

Stop neglecting the nearby areas while pressure washing your property. The exteriors of your place need equal importance and cleaning just as the interiors.

If you forget to clean the pathways, all the dirt and grime will accumulate and germs and bacteria will build up which would make the property dull and dirty. Always keep the driveways, outdoor furniture, entry, and exit ways, etc., clean to make your place look good.

3) Using the wrong nozzle

Attach the proper nozzle to the pressure washer to ensure safety and efficiency. Choose the nozzle according to the cleaning surface. To clean large surface areas, attach a wide nozzle to the pressure washer, and if it is a smaller area, then put a narrow nozzle.

Using the wrong nozzle leads to improper and uneven cleaning and damage to the property. You must refer to the manuals that assist you in identifying whether you are using the correct nozzle to clean your space or not.

4) Avoiding safety precautions

Avoiding safety precautions will harm you, the people around you, and your property. Always wear protective gloves, glasses, and more to protect yourself from danger because pressure washing includes high pressure of water and solutions coming out.

Avoid using the support stairs or any unstable surface for cleaning as you might slip down. Be careful with the electrical connections because water is the conductor of electricity, and therefore you might face electrical shocks.

5) Incorrect cleaning order

We suggest you perform pressure washing in an orderly way. Many times, people choose areas that are easy to clean and avoid the ones that are hard to reach. If you avoid the proper order of cleaning, you might increase the need to wash the whole place all over again. Always start your pressure washing process from the roof and then come down.

6) Use appropriate cleaning solutions

Using water alone can remove the dust and debris from the place but might not give you desired results. To obtain convincing results, use suitable detergents or prepare different solutions for cleaning the place thoroughly.

There are a variety of cleaning solutions available, but using an appropriate one will help you remove dirt, debris, and stains effectively. It will also protect your property from further possible damages.

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