What Factors Affect The Cost Of Pressure Washing Your Driveway?

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Pressure Washing Your Driveway
January 3, 2023

The average cost to pressure wash a driveway ranges from $100 to $250. That is $0.25-$0.35 per square foot. But this price is dependent on many other factors, which we will discuss in this article.

When you estimate the cost of getting your driveway pressure washed by professionals, you have to keep these things in mind to know if you are getting your money’s worth of service.

Factors Affect The Cost Of Pressure Washing Your Driveway.

The Size Of Your Driveway

On average, pressure washing your driveway can cost around $0.25-$0.35 per square foot. But the larger your driveway is, the more it will cost to pressure it.

Some Companies that offer professional pressure washing services may have a fixed price for specific types of driveways and may charge by the square foot beyond that size. And others may have a fixed minimum charge even if your driveway is smaller in size.

To help you make the correct decision, professionals will measure the size of your driveway on initial inspection and give you an estimate based on it.

Material Of Your Driveway

The process and price of pressure washing can vary according to the type of surface material used to make your driveway. Different types of driveways have their consideration, such as

Concrete: On porous materials like concrete, it takes a tremendous amount of pressure to remove dirt and debris from it, and pressure washing concrete driveways can cost around $160 on average.

Asphalt: An asphalt driveway requires a lower-pressure washing as too much pressure can break the material. Professionals use the pressure washer with a ball valve to avoid damaging your driveway. Asphalt pressure washing can cost $158 on average.

Brick: Professionals use a high-pressure nozzle to pressure wash the bricks, and brick pressure washing can cost around $172 on average.

Paver: If the paver is not around loose materials, professionals use high pressure to clean it. But if it is around loose materials, they use low pressure. The cost of paver pressure washing is the same as brick pressure washing.

Gravel: Experts use two different ways to clean gravel. Using low pressure while standing close to it and using high pressure while cleaning it from farther away. The average cost of pressure- gravel is $200 on average.

Condition Of Your Driveway

Another factor that affects the price of pressure washing your driveway is the initial condition of the driveway. Cleaning solutions, products to repair the surface, degreasers, fuel emission solvents, and weed removers are the things generally used during pressure washing.

However, depending on the condition of your driveway, the professional may need additional materials to repair the broken surface after the washing process. It may add to the overall cost of pressure washing.


Each pressure washer company may have its unique pricing model. But on average, they may charge $25-$100 for pressure washing your driveway. But, the cost may increase if you increase the scope of work.

The labor cost may also increase if it includes climbing to unsafe areas such as roofs.

Summing Up

Pressure washing is a big investment. It is the reason you should know the cost to pressure washing the driveway. As discussed in the article, the price of pressure washing depends on four factors that you need to consider while making the final decision.

Remember to hire a professional pressure washing service to clean your driveway, as there are many risks involved with DIY pressure washing.

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