How Power Washing Can Transform Your Business

June 6, 2024

Transform Your Business: The Power of Pressure Washing

Business ownership and management are demanding professions, no matter how you look at them. You can easily overlook specific details because more pressing issues need your attention and energy.

For example, many people ignore the appearance of your commercial space’s exterior. After all, outdoor changes are often gradual. No storefront, patio, or other outdoor space looks perfect after constant exposure to the elements. However, if you look at a photo of the building from two years ago compared to the present, you might be shocked at how unkempt it seems. 

Power washing rinses away the past, leaving a clean slate. At Clear Choice Janitorial, we know how a pressure washing service can transform commercial buildings. Below, we guide you through what to consider and how this service benefits you.  

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What Do Power and Pressure Washing Services Involve?

Maintaining a clean, attractive property involves tidying the outside along with the interior. Some professional cleaning companies offer exterior cleaning solutions to tackle outdoor structures. Pressure washing services are among those solutions. 

Power or pressure washing requires a powerful machine that attaches to your building’s water source through an outdoor spigot. The machine draws and pushes water through a consistent, forceful jet for high-pressure cleaning abilities. The water jet’s powerful stream loosens debris off of the targeted surfaces. 

Some surfaces require additional prep work with cleaning products to loosen stubborn buildup. Then, the jet effortlessly lifts and removes the buildup. You can schedule a power washing service to eliminate the following:

  • Mold
  • Algae
  • Lichens
  • Windblown dirt and grim
  • Water stains
  • Gum and other stuck debris

Expert cleaners can get your commercial building looking as good as new. 

How Are Pressure and Power Washing Different?

Many people confuse pressure washing with power washing. After all, both cleaning services use similar equipment and techniques. However, each method has a few slight differences:

  • A pressure washing service involves cooler water temperatures and flexible pressure settings. It is helpful for cleaning more fragile surfaces or painted structures. 
  • Power washing services use hotter water temperatures and a consistent strong pressure setting to remove particularly stubborn stains and grime. This method works for more challenging, more stable surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and cinder blocks. 

Reputable service providers can quickly determine what technique each surface and structure needs. Applying the right temperature and pressure level protects your property from potential damage. For example, a painted wooden fence might not withstand power washing versus pressure washing services. 

Which Outdoor Areas Need Power Washing?

Almost all outdoor surfaces need occasional washing services. Some examples include:

  • Roof systems: Gutters, panels, and shingles offer the perfect environment for mold or algae growth. Plus, clumps of debris can gather, degrade, and cause roof rot. 
  • Decks, patios, and other gathering spaces: Restaurants and cafes often feature outdoor seating areas. Keeping these areas pristine encourages more customers to enjoy your establishment. 
  • Playground equipment: Sure, kids might not care that the slide looks a bit grimy. However, parents may associate clean, vivid play equipment with a safe, well-kept childcare facility. 
  • Paved lots: Business owners frequently forget about sidewalks, parking areas, and driveways. However, oil drips, gum wads, drink spills, and outdoor exposure make paved spaces look dull, grimy, and run down.  
  • Fences: If you plan to restore or repaint the wall surrounding your commercial space, you should prepare with pressure washing. It leaves the surface clean and ready to absorb the product. 
  • Building siding: Dust, grime, and stains make buildings look foreboding and neglected. An occasional rinse with a powerful water jet breathes new life into commercial spaces. 
  • Outdoor equipment and furniture: Lawnmowers, patio furniture, and forklifts also represent your overall business. Take pride in these assets by keeping them clean.  
  • Vehicle fleets: Your business might utilize vehicles for sales, product shipments, and other transportation tasks. Present a tidy, unified front with a spotless fleet. 

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Power washing does more than make your business look visually appealing. It also has practical purposes, such as improving structural longevity and occupant safety. 

1. Power Washing Service Makes the Exterior Look Welcoming

The storefront is your business’s welcome mat. It introduces customers and passersby to your company and what it provides. When the front area looks dingy and grimy, it may deter people from entering your commercial space. Consciously or subconsciously, they might perceive your business as rundown or unsafe. Therefore, outdoor commercial cleaning services are part of your marketing efforts. 

2. It Protects Your Exterior Surfaces

Moss, mold, and algae can speed up the breakdown of various building materials. For example, the shady sides of roofs and buildings receive little sun and foster mold and algae growth. These organisms can eat wood, concrete, and similar substances. 

Plus, even dirt and grime kicked up with the wind or rain can limit healthy airflow. A lack of air circulation encourages material to rot. You can extend each structure’s lifespan with annual power or pressure-washing services. 

3. You Can Save Business Resources

Let’s say you plan to tackle washing services internally. Are you prepared for what comes with handling this task?

  • You must purchase the cleaning products and equipment needed to wash outdoor services. This includes the washer, personal protection equipment, and various accessories. 
  • You need storage space for all that stuff! Washers are large and heavy and can take up lot of space. 
  • Your staff must know how to navigate high-up spaces. Washing the roof or upper areas of the siding is incredibly risky if you don’t see what you’re doing. 
  • It would help if you allotted work hours and payroll for your team to tackle the task. If they have no previous experience, they may take a long time to finish each surface. 

4. It Prevents Infestations and Infections

You might hire exterior janitorial services to make your commercial property look more presentable. Did you know they can also improve internal and external health? Unkempt buildings are catchalls for various types of organic debris. 

Leaves gather in hidden corners. Spiders spin webs in hidden crannies: twigs, branches, and discarded trash scavenging critters. 

These materials gradually attract pests and bacteria that make people sick or contaminate your inventory: 

  • Aggressive fire ants build colonies with entrances in pavement cracks and may make their way indoors. 
  • Wasps and hornets craft nests near entries and exits, putting customers at risk of swarms, stings, and allergic reactions. 
  • Mice, rats, and other rodents exploit leftover food sources or nesting materials. 
  • Spiders with medically significant venom could send patrons to the hospital. 
  • If you develop a rodent problem, you could also attract dangerous snake species.

Not to mention, decaying organic material attracts mold and bacteria that can also make people sick and infiltrate your building. Pressure washing shows your employees and customers how much you care. 

5. It Reveals Damaged Areas

You might be on top of repairs and other chores for your interior spaces, but do you know what issues lurk outdoors? If leaves, twigs, and other materials collect on your roof and around the building perimeter, they can camouflage structural damage, faulty materials, and other problems. You might have exposed rusty nails or a weakened staircase just waiting to catch someone unawares. 

Regular pressure washing services can reveal these dangerous weaknesses, allowing you to make calls and schedule repairs. This can help you avoid preventable lawsuits while keeping your professional image intact. 

6. You’ll Increase the Commercial Property Value 

If you own your commercial property, you want to maintain, if not raise, its value throughout your ownership. That way, you can profit should you ever decide to sell it. You must keep it to make a sizable return on investment. 

Customers and local business owners notice when properties consistently look good. Therefore, when you put a property on the market, you are more likely to receive offers close to your asking price without haggling. Yearly pressure washing is one way to maintain a tidy exterior appearance consistently. 

7. Professional Services Protect You and Your Team

If you still would instead delegate this to-do to your internal team members, you might rethink your position when considering the potential dangers. The average business owner must make an enormous investment in equipment and products that may take years to pay for themselves. Plus, you and your team risk:

  • Severe personal injuries: The pressure from power washers can sever a finger in some cases! Add significant height and strong cleaning chemicals to the mix, and your employees could suffer from significant injuries. 
  • Damaging the property: If you use an incorrect setting or cleaning product, you could permanently damage your assets. 
  • Nullifying warranties or insurance coverage: Your warranty or insurance provider may not pay for current or future repairs if your washing work damaged a structure.

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