What is The Average Cost of Getting your Window Cleaned?

Window Cleaning
April 18, 2023

Clean windows make your home look good and extend the lifespan of your window. But regularly cleaning your windows yourself is difficult, and for that, you need the help of trained experts.

The average cost of window cleaning is around $140-290 for the entire house. But the exact cost depends on many other factors, which we will discuss in the following article.

➡ Number of Windows

The most common factor that pros charge you is the total number of windows on your property. The average cost of cleaning one window is around $3-5, but the cost can increase if your window has panes, as they take longer to clean.

Moreover, if your window is on the third floor or higher, the cost of cleaning per window will increase by $4-6, accounting for the use of equipment to reach that high.

➡ Size of The Property

Some companies that offer commercial window cleaning, typically charge the price per sq. footage when most of the building has a glass exterior. But they rarely use this pricing method to charge residential properties. Here is the average charge for getting your windows cleaned on a per sq. foot basis.

Size Of The Property (Per Sq. Feet) Average Cost
1000 $155-230
1500 $240-300
2450 $320-410
3500 $450-500
4300 $530-600

➡ Window Types

As discussed earlier, cleaning windows with panes can be costlier than cleaning windows without panes. Similarly, the charge of cleaning different types of windows also varies. Here is the cost of cleaning different types of windows.

Type Of Window Average Cost
Skylights $30-40
Picture $25-30
Double-hung $10-16
Awning $16-28
Casement $20-30
Bay or Bow $20-26
Single-hung $9-16

➡ Cleaning Exterior V.S Interior Windows

While most companies clean only exterior windows, some also clean interior windows. But you will have to pay an extra $1.75-3.10 per window to get your interior windows cleaned.

➡ Cost per Hour

Some pros also charge an hourly rate for cleaning windows. The average hourly rate for the same is $35-80. However, most cleaners charge per window pane as it works out best for the company.

➡ Additional Services

Some companies also provide other services complementary to window cleaning. These services also add extra cost to the total cost of cleaning the window. These services include the following.

Component  Average Cost
Blinds  $175-350 per home
Curtains $130-300 per set
Shutter $30-100 per hour
Storm Windows $35-45 per window
Window sills & tracks $0.05-4 per window
Window Treatments $3-8 per foot
Window Screens $5-10 per window

➡ Stain Removal

If your windows have a tough stain which requires special attention, it will cost more, as it is not part of the routine cleaning process. The stain removal process involves scraping to remove the stain, which is time-consuming. Therefore, you can pay an estimated $3.6-7 for stain removal.

➡ Removing Mineral Deposits

Sometimes, minerals like calcium and lime accumulate on your window and are hard to remove with regular cleaning. It can cost you up to $20 per pane to remove these deposits from your window.

How to Save Money on the Cost of Window Cleaning

Hiring a window cleaning company with skilled experts is a cost-effective way to maintain your windows for a long time. But sometimes, the cost of cleaning can add up if your windows are extremely dirty. Here are some ways you can save money on getting your windows cleaned.

  • Clean your interior windows yourself with effective DIY methods.
  • Regularly clean your windows with a clean cloth to get rid of surface dirt and dust.
  • Choose a trustworthy and credible window cleaning company to clean your windows.

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