Ultimate Classroom Cleaning Checklist 2022

Ultimate Classroom Cleaning Checklist 2022
October 4, 2022

Cleaning and hygiene have become super important for us. Almost everyone is concerned about their health and trying to keep their surroundings clean. But when it comes to public places, you have to pay more attention.

Here in this blog, we have formed the ultimate classroom cleaning checklist that will help you thoroughly clean the classroom and lead to a hygienic and healthy environment for the students.

Why Classroom Cleaning Checklist? 

We already know the importance of keeping the classrooms clean and organized. However, when it comes to cleaning large areas like classrooms, the task becomes easy and effective if you do it with proper flow. This cleaning checklist will help ensure all the tasks areas are cleaned effectively and fastly. Also, you can include chores according to their importance and necessity.

Classroom Cleaning Checklist

CleanThe Trash Bins

Students create an enormous amount of trash in the classrooms, and they don’t need to throw it in the bins. Check everywhere in the classroom, clean, and remove the trash. Clean under desks and chairs. Also, make sure trash bins are emptied every day, as students often put leftover food in those bins.


After cleaning the trash, the second step is sweeping or vacuuming. Depending on the foot traffic and accumulation of dirt and dust, you can either vacuum the classroom floors or sweep them. Thorough cleaning of your floors will remove loose dirt and allergens that affect the health of students.

Organize Everything

An organized place creates a significant impact. If the classroom is organized, both teachers and students focus on their tasks more effectively. Place all the things in their places.

Disinfect The High-Touch Surfaces

Only cleaning is not helpful. Disinfecting surfaces is one of the crucial things in the daily classroom cleaning checklist. Disinfect surfaces like desks, chairs, door handles, supply boxes, etc with a suitable disinfectant.

Clean Windows & Door 

Windows and doors become dusty, and a layer of grime accumulates over them. Cleaning the windows and doors thoroughly gives them a fresh and clean look and prevents allergies causing due to dust.

Clean Fans & Lights

Cleaning the lights and fans once a week not only makes them look clean but also can prolong their life by preventing them from early damage. Clean all the electric appliances using appropriate methods.

Clean & Disinfect Cabinets 

If the classroom has shelves or cabinets to keep the student material, do not forget to clean and disinfect them weekly.

School Cleaning Checklist 

  • Classrooms Cleaning
  • Cafeteria Cleaning
  • Teachers Room Cleaning
  • Washroom Cleaning
  • Hallways Cleaning
  • Gym & Sports Area Cleaning
  • Outdoor Space Cleaning

Hire Professional Shcool Cleaning Services

So that was the ultimate classroom checklist. If you want to get your school or any other educational institute cleaned, hire professional educational cleaning services by clear choice janitorial. We have a team of experienced cleaning professionals who provide the best cleaning services. With advanced methods and green cleaning supplies, we give to make your place clean and hygienic.

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