How To Prevent Slip Trips And Falls In The Workplace?

How To Prevent Slip Trips And Falls In The Workplace_
October 10, 2022

The most common cause of workplace accidents and injuries, which can range from mild bruising to severe traumas like head injuries, fractured bones, sprains, and lacerations, is slips, trips, and falls. In actuality, trips, slips, and falls are frequently listed as the main reasons for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

There are strategies to proactively manage your work environment to help prevent the possible hazards that cause slips, trips, and falls and to help reduce the risk of harm to your staff and clients.

Ways To Prevent Slip Trip And Falls In The Workplace

Organize Your Workplace Routinely

Cleanliness in the home is a routine. It is a continuing process that each employee completes as part of their regular duties. There are three easy actions you may take to establish an efficient habit.

Think ahead: Understand what has to be done, who will execute it, and how the specific work area should appear after you finish.

Assign duties: Although each person should take personal responsibility for cleaning up after himself or herself, it may be necessary to assign a specific person or group of employees to clean up.

Implement a program: Incorporate housekeeping practices into the daily schedule.

Reduce Wet Or Slippery Surfaces

The surfaces where these injuries most usually occur are listed as

  • Parking garages
  • Sidewalks (or lack of) (or lack of)
  • Food Preparation Area
  • Shower rooms in boarding houses
  • General floors

Procedures for stability control should be continually assessed for effectiveness.

  • Keep the walkways and parking lots clean and in good working order.
  • Remove or treat snow and ice when they are present. It might be essential to halt the use of the region under some extreme circumstances.
  • When possible, use anti-skid paint or adhesive striping material.

Avoid Creating Obstacles In Aisles And Walkways

Trips caused by objects, clutter, items, and equipment in aisles, hallways, entranceways, and stairwells can also result in injuries. Keep all workspaces, hallways, storage spaces, and service areas tidy and organized. Do not run air hoses, wires, or cords down aisles or across hallways.

Avoid leaving boxes, paperwork, or briefcases in the aisles of office spaces. Encourage safe work habits including picking up loose objects off the floor and locking filing cabinet drawers after use and also check for slip and trip hazards regularly.

Create And Maintain Proper Lighting         

The growth in accidents is correlated with poor lighting in the workplace.

  • Use the appropriate lighting on walkways, ramps, stairs, hallways, basements, work sites, and dock areas.
  • Maintain clean, well-lit work environments.
  • Always turn on the light before entering a room that has been left dark.
  • Keep clutter and obstacles out of walkways that aren’t well-lit.
  • Clear and make accessible the regions around light switches.
  • If fixtures, switches, or cords malfunction, fix them right away.

Wear Proper Shoes

Our footwear can have a significant impact on how often we fall. To prevent slips, trips, and falls, it is important to consider the type of heels worn and how smooth the bottoms are. It’s important to tie shoelaces properly.

 Every time a fall-related injury is looked at, the footwear must be assessed to see if it played a role in the incidence. Employees are required to dress in footwear that is appropriate for the responsibilities of their job.

How Often Should Your Office Be Cleaned Professionally?

If your company is small and you only have a few employees, you might get away with cleaning once each week. Even if you only have a small team, bathrooms and any kitchen or food preparation areas should be cleaned after each workday.

Two or three cleanings each week may be required for a medium-sized office with around 20 employees. If you have no idea about how to properly maintain or have a busy schedule you can always call professionals. They are well-trained and are always available to provide any assistance.

They aim to provide the best services in this area. They are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency. Call them to know the quote for your property.

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