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Outsourcing Supermarket Cleaning Service | Why You Need a Store Cleaning Service?

10 Reasons to Outsource Your Supermarket Cleaning Service

Clear Choice Janitorial Solutions Team

Do you run a grocery store or supermarket and want to improve the shopping experience for your customers and keep your employees happy? You’d benefit from outsourcing your supermarket cleaning service. While you probably handle your cleaning services with your own staff, you can keep reading to discover 10 impressive benefits of outsourcing it.

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1. Improved Productivity in Cleaning Service

A clean store improves employee productivity in several ways. First, whether they realize it or not, most employees don’t enjoy working in a dirty environment. It subconsciously affects their motivation and they work slower and with little purpose.

A dirty work environment also slows down employees because they have to navigate clutter or walk more slowly to avoid slipping. They might also have trouble finding the inventory or supplies they need, which significantly increases how long it takes them to complete tasks.

Finally, a dirty work environment provides ample opportunity for distraction. If an employee notices a dirty or cluttered area (especially in high-traffic locations), they may stop what they’re doing and clean it so it doesn’t give a bad impression to the customers. Regularly deep cleaning your store helps keep employees productive.

2. Higher Quality in Store Cleaning Service

When you outsource your cleaning needs, you’ll receive a higher quality of service than you would from your staff. When you have your regular employees clean your store, they don’t have the same level of experience and training as professional cleaners. They might do their job well stocking the shelves or bagging groceries for customers, but they likely don’t have the level of expertise you need to provide more than a basic level of cleaning.

Even compared to a dedicated janitorial staff, a professional cleaning company has the experience and skill to deliver the highest quality of cleaning. Grocery stores and supermarkets have unique sanitization requirements, and a dedicated cleaning expert has a higher chance of meeting those requirements.

3. Maintained Brand Image

One of the most overlooked benefits of outsourcing your commercial cleaning tasks is that it can help you maintain a good image with your customers. Imagine you walk into a restaurant and see a disgusting bathroom, sticky tables, or a grimy kitchen. Would you feel safe eating at that restaurant?

Because grocery stores also deal with food, your customers likely have the same reaction. If a customer sees a dirty floor, they might wonder if you pay enough attention to detail to safely handle their food products.

If your store is part of a larger chain or franchise, an unclean store can also reflect poorly on the corporate brand, which could create some challenges for you. Your brand and image are important parts of customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition, and a professional company helps ensure your reputation stays pristine.

4. Safety Standard Compliance

When you hire a supermarket cleaning service, you have a better chance of complying with all the safety standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and all the other organizations that help you keep a safe workplace. Navigating and complying with these guidelines can feel overwhelming. When it comes to the rules about a clean workplace, you’ll free up time and energy if you rely on a trustworthy and professional company to keep you compliant.

But staying compliant is about more than just avoiding harsh fees and penalties. It tells your workers and customers you care about them and reduces the costs associated with workplace accidents. Rather than spending time and stress micro-managing your store’s cleanliness, invest your resources in a company that completes the process much more efficiently.

How much will this smart investment cost you? You can obtain a free quote when you call (916) 750-0101.

5. Customized Service

With the power of today’s technology, you can receive personalized products and services for almost any need. Why would you settle for anything less for your grocery store? 

When you maintain your cleaning staff or have your regular employees double as a cleaning crew, they won’t have the same level of training or skill set as professional cleaners. Whether you need regular floor cleaning and counter disinfecting services or daily porter services, you can completely customize what jobs the professionals perform without worrying if they have the needed skills.

Without outsourcing, you’ll also have to work to keep your employees happy by ensuring they have enough hours and only work certain times of day. Because a janitorial services company has multiple clients, you don’t have to worry about employing them for 40 hours a week, and you can schedule them any time of day for as much or as little as you need.

6. Less Administration

One major benefit of outsourcing your supermarket cleaning service is you’ll save time and resources on administration. Using a professional cleaning crew provides the following managerial benefits:

  • You won’t spend as much time on human resource-related tasks like hiring and training a janitorial staff, employee evaluations, or disciplinary actions.
  • Payroll can take a significant amount of time, energy, and focus, and the more employees you have, the longer it can take. By outsourcing your cleaning needs, you save on paperwork.
  • Working with a cleaning contractor reduces your managerial workload and points of contact so you can focus on the people who need you most. Rather than regularly interacting with an entire team, you’ll have one person to communicate with for all your sanitization needs.
  • You’ll have the confidence knowing you’re relying on the best people for the job. When you hire your staff, you’ll always wonder if they’re as good as their interview and resume say, but when you outsource, you can rely on the company’s reputation instead.

7. Improved Maintenance

Because commercial cleaning companies deliver higher quality results, you’ll see a corresponding increase in your maintenance initiatives. Dirty surfaces wear out faster than clean ones, so without proper cleaning, you’ll find yourself repairing or replacing your floors, walls, counters, and furniture more frequently. Not only does this affect your budget, but it takes time and attention away from other tasks, like helping customers or inventory management.

8. Better Dependability

A cleaning contractor is almost always more dependable than your employees for several reasons. First, you won’t worry about a drop in quality that comes from late workers or employees who take too many sick days. The cleaning company deals with that before the team shows up to clean your store, so you won’t even know when it’s an issue.

Because professional cleaners have more experience and knowledge, you’ll know they’re using both the best materials and methods to complete the work to your satisfaction. Without this level of expertise, your in-house cleaning crew risks damaging your property or even mixing chemicals in a way that could produce toxic fumes. At best, they just won’t have the high-quality results you can depend on from a professional team.

9. Reduced Liability

When you outsource your cleaning needs, you’re also outsourcing a significant portion of your liability. For example, if the cleaning crew fails to put out a wet floor sign and injures a customer, you can often use their liability coverage to rectify the situation. 

Likewise, while an outsourced cleaner rarely damages property during the cleaning process, if it does happen, you won’t have to pay for it with your insurance or money. You also won’t have any liability for their employees, making you exempt from dealing with worker’s compensation and related administrative complexities.

10. Cost Savings

Nearly every aspect of using a contractor for your commercial cleaning saves you money in the long term. You’re probably already aware of most of them, but here are some clear instances where it can increase your overall profit margins:

  • With increased productivity, your employees can perform their jobs more efficiently. You might even notice an increase in revenue.
  • A cleaner store means happier customers that come back more often, and subconsciously, it can put them in the mood to spend more.
  • Because you’re not maintaining your staff, you’ll save money on payroll, employee benefits, the hiring process, and training expenses.
  • When a professional cleaner maintains your compliance, you won’t worry about hefty fees that accrue from violations.

While you’ll invest money into paying your cleaning contractor, the expense doesn’t compare with all the savings you’ll experience.

Clear Choice Janitorial Can Keep Your Supermarket Clean

Are you convinced you’d benefit from outsourcing your supermarket cleaning service to a qualified commercial cleaner? At Clear Choice Janitorial, we offer a wide range of quality and competitively priced cleaning services that help take your supermarket to the next level. We’re fully bonded and insured and can tailor the services and frequency to your needs.

Learn more about our services or request a free quote by reaching out to us online. You can also call  (916) 750-0101. Our expert cleaners are standing by to help.

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