Janitorial Services Checklist | Guide for Facility Managers

March 27, 2024

What Is Included in Janitorial Services? A Checklist for Facility Managers

Keeping a workplace or public facility clean and functional requires a dedicated team. Facility managers might not have the in-house resources to tackle everything on an office cleaning checklist and resort to hiring janitorial services. What kind of tasks will these outsourced teams complete?

This guide provides a thorough facility cleaning checklist for building managers. Discover the specific areas that need attention in various buildings and hire a team willing and able to handle it all. 

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The Ultimate Facility and Office Cleaning Checklist for Anyone Considering Hiring Janitorial Services

The extensive list of areas that need frequent care, maintenance, and sanitizing remains consistent, no matter the size of the building you manage. Check out the full facility cleaning checklist below to uphold the safety and cleanliness of your building. 

Exterior Maintenance

The outside of the facility is equally important for visitor safety and curb appeal. Janitorial services should include exterior cleaning, including:

From eliminating oil stains and grime from parking areas to clearing dirt buildup on a building’s siding, you can drastically improve curb appeal with the help of a seasoned cleaning service like Clear Choice Janitorial. 

HVAC Cleaning

A key reason buildings feel stuffy or dusty is the cleanliness of the HVAC filter. Professional cleaning teams check the filters regularly to see if they’re due for replacement. They also clean around the building’s vents to remove any buildup of dust or other contaminants. 

Office Areas Cleaning

Corporate business offices carry a lot of germs and contaminants, no matter how many workers spend the day there. Surfaces like computer keyboards and door handles will house plenty of germs until you disinfect them. Hard-to-reach areas like the tops of shelves or filing cabinets can accumulate a thick layer of dust.

Experts will facilitate you with general office area cleaning. Common tasks include disinfecting surfaces and wiping desks, tables, chairs, and other hard surfaces. If the office has a window, contractors will wipe away any smudges or streaks on the glass and remove dust or pollen from the sill. 

Other cleaning jobs include sweeping or vacuuming the floors. For a deeper clean, you can inquire about carpet cleaning to lift stubborn stains out of the fibers and improve indoor air quality. If your building has tile or hard-surface flooring, look for a contractor who offers complete floor care services, such as waxing or tile and grout cleaning. 

Finally, the janitor should empty all waste baskets in the office and place a new garbage bag in them every time. This prevents unsanitary issues like pests or harsh odors. 

Communal Area Cleaning

Whether you work in an office building, hospital, school, or similar setting, you’re bound to find communal areas that become especially susceptible to germs. This could be a hospital waiting room, cafeteria, or business break room. These areas can become unsanitary quickly if you don’t take the proper precautions and enlist a professional cleaning contractor like Clear Choice Janitorial. 

Communal areas become breeding grounds for bacteria because dozens of people touch the surfaces there — and, in some cases, handle food improperly. Commercial cleaning providers will address these concerns in the following ways:

  • Mopping or vacuuming the floors and applying special products for cleaning spilled food or beverages
  • Disinfecting widely touched surfaces like door handles, water fountain buttons, and vending machine buttons
  • Emptying garbage bins and disposing of all waste
  • Removing old or unclaimed food items from refrigerators
  • Wiping crumbs or food residue from refrigerators, microwaves, or stovetops
  • Sanitizing tables and chairs

A trained cleaning expert will understand the correct way to handle these tasks. They should begin by decluttering the space and then wiping surfaces before moving on to cleaning the floors. The final step in the process is to disinfect the area once everything else is clean. 

Bathroom Cleaning

Every workplace must follow OSHA regulations for bathroom facilities, which include maintaining sanitary conditions. However, you might not have the in-house resources to devote the necessary time to bathroom cleaning. Enlisting the help of a janitorial services company ensures that these high-traffic areas remain clean. 

When it comes to bathroom and restroom sanitization, these areas need special attention, given the amount of dangerous bacteria that lurk on surfaces. Floors will require routine mopping to remove any traces of paper towels or toilet paper, plus dirt from occupants’ shoes. You might even need to schedule tile and grout cleaning to lift nasty stains from the floor’s smallest crevices. 

Cleaning crews will make the building’s bathrooms, no matter how large they are, sanitary spaces for occupants. They will empty all trash bins and restock supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. Perhaps the most important piece of bathroom cleaning is disinfecting common surfaces. 

Experts use powerful products to kill germs on surfaces like:

  • Toilet flush handles
  • Sink handles
  • Restroom partition walls
  • Toilet seats

In addition to all of these tasks, a building janitor should wipe away any spilled soap or water from countertops and wipe bathroom mirrors so they shine. Bathroom cleaning remains one of the most important janitorial services for facility managers to take care of because of the abundance of health concerns and the frequency with which people occupy any given restroom. Consider hiring a contractor who will schedule regular cleanings to keep your building’s bathrooms in pristine condition. 

Decluttering and General Cleaning Services

Any facility can accumulate clutter over time, and hard-to-reach or uncommon surfaces may become dusty. Outsource your cleaning tasks to a professional contractor and no part of the building will be neglected. Reception areas and corridors will remain clean and tidy with the help of a dedicated crew that serves your commercial property. 

You might not think to dust photo frames and wall hangings throughout the building but a trusted cleaner will remove any dust and grime from these surfaces. Throwing away litter and unnecessary clutter that takes up space will make the workspace more productive, and sanitizing everything from computers to door handles keeps everyone safe and healthy. 

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