8 Most Effective Janitorial Cleaning Tips From Experts

8 Most Effective Janitorial Cleaning Tips From Experts
September 12, 2022

For better customer and employee experience, a clean, fresh, and well-maintained work environment is essential. After the pandemic importance of cleanliness and hygiene has significantly increased, especially in high-traffic places like commercial stores and offices.

A clean and tidy environment creates a welcoming environment for visitors, increases work productivity and leads to a healthy and comfortable place to work. Moreover, an uncluttered space reduces stress and improves the morale of employees.

Here are some tried and tested janitorial cleaning tips to get the best cleaning results.

Most Effective Janitorial Cleaning Tips

Maintain A Regular Cleaning Schedule

Regular janitorial cleaning must be a part of routine responsibilities. If you do not want the janitorial cleaning to skip, you should maintain a regular cleaning schedule for days, weeks, and months. A proper cleaning schedule will make sure everybody responsible for cleaning does the task regularly. Moreover, a cleaning schedule ensures all the areas get cleaned regularly.

Prepare A Cleaning Checklist

Preparing and following a cleaning checklist is one of the most beneficial janitorial cleaning tips. With a cleaning checklist, no area of your space will remain dirty or grimy. Moreover, you can maintain track of cleaning so that cleaning tasks are completed on time.

Keep It Uncluttered & Organized

Excess clutter not only affects the appearance of the work desk but also becomes the reason for stress. On the other hand, a well-organized and uncluttered desk creates a stress-free work environment. The use of shelves, drawers, and desk organizers can help you keep all the things in organized manner and it becomes easy for you to find all the required things on time.

Dust, Mop, & Vacuum Regularly

Dusting, mopping, and vacuuming removes loose dust, soil, and allergens from surfaces like floors, carpet, upholstery, work desks, windows, and doors. You can follow the top to bottom dusting pattern. It means start dusting from the top shelves, then the work desk, and the bottom chairs. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum the carpet and floor area. Mopping the floors once or twice a week is necessary.

Remove The Trash Daily

Emptying the trash bins daily is quite an obvious but most important janitorial cleaning tip. Removing trash and food waste daily leads to a fresh and odor-free environment. Overflowing dustbins make a poor impression in front of customers and visitors.

Clean Washrooms regularly

Washrooms are the place  that cause a musty smell and can lead to harmful diseases if not addressed in the early stage. Washrooms must be cleaned  daily or at least on alternate days. It is also necessary to clean  taps, and other surfaces.

Clean & Disinfect the Pantry Area

The place where all the employees have their meals or snacks must be clean and hygienic. It is essential to clean the pantry and kitchen area daily. Moreover, if you have appliances like a refrigerator or microwave oven, they also need to be cleaned regularly. Daily wash utensils like dishes, coffee cups, glasses, and spoons.

Clean and Sanitize Electronics

Electronics are one of the most underrated objects when it comes to cleaning. But they are one the most highly used objects as well. You constantly keep touching computers, laptops, phones, printers, and photocopy machines which results in g allergens accumulating on them. You should clean  these electronic objects frequently as per their specified cleaning instructions.

Bottom Line

Commercial places like offices experience high traffic daily. The constant flow of people makes your office dirty and grimy. It affects the office’s appearance and reduces work productivity, making it necessary to clean the office regularly.

You can maintain a pristine office by following the janitorial cleaning tips mentioned above. Or you can also call for a professional janitorial cleaning service.

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