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A beautifully maintained hard surface floor can make your office shine. It creates a good impression in the mind of customers which adds to the goodwill of your business. Thus, regular maintenance of hard surface floor is vital to keep the office interiors impeccable and flawless.

The employees at Clear Choice Janitorial are thoroughly trained to use the best floor-care products. We use innovative equipment, and efficient methods to clean, protect, and revitalize your hard surfaces to a superior shine. We clean all types of hard surface floors including vinyl composition tile (VCT), concrete, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, and asphalt tile. Whether it is your office floor, kitchen floor, or bathroom floor, we provide 100% efficient service.

Apart from maintaining the appearance of the floor, hard surface floor cleaning enhances the slip resistance of the floor. This increases the safety of your customers and employees. It also increases the durability of the tiles. Thus, the need to replace the tile quite often can be reduced.

Our Service Includes:

Make your carpets clean and fresh

Reduce wear and prolong your carpets

Restore the new-like appearance

Improve air quality

Prevent discoloration of carpets

At Clear Choice Janitorial, we offer the most cost efficient cleaning service. We procure cleaning products in bulk, as we operate on a national level. We are able to purchase products at a lower price. We then pass on this saving to our customers. Our employees are well-trained in hard surface floor care. They have years of experience in this field and provide the best professional service.

Dirty Carpet at Your Home or Business?

Regardless of the size and type of your carpet, we can provide deep carpet cleaning that lasts a long time. Our best carpet cleaning services include advanced cleaning methods that make your carpet stain and odor-free. If you have dirty carpets at home or business, make them clean and fresh by hiring our professional carpet cleaning services.


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