Commercial Cleaning Pricing – Breaking Down Service Costs

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March 27, 2024

Commercial Cleaning Pricing: What Factors Influence Janitorial Services Costs?

Your commercial property needs to remain sanitary, but not all cleaning services are equal. For instance, the protocols for cleaning a major hospital will differ from cleaning a small to mid-size office building. How exactly does commercial cleaning pricing work and what can you expect to pay for your facility?

In this guide, we’ll review all of the components that impact the cost of janitorial services. Take a closer look at the average costs of a commercial cleaning service and use this information to determine how you budget for your own facility’s cleaning needs. Once you know the basic costs for your type of facility, you can start searching for service providers in your area. 

The cost of cleaning services varies, but Clear Choice Janitorial always provides exceptional service at an affordable rate. Explore our price list for a better idea of what it will cost you to make your commercial building spotless. For a specific price estimate, contact us today to speak with a specialist. 

How Much Are Commercial Cleaning Services Worth? Common Factors That Influence the Cost of Cleaning Services

Contractors determine commercial cleaning pricing using a specific set of factors. Find out which components affect the cost of professional cleaning services for your facility. Below is a breakdown of everything that contractors use to figure out service pricing. 

Size of Your Facility

Think of how much time it will take to clean a 700-square-foot office compared to a 4,000-square-foot office building with various suites. The size of your building serves as a key indicator of how much a cleaning service will cost. Some contractors break down their estimates based on the square footage of a facility, which can range anywhere from 10 to 75 cents per square foot, depending on the service. 

Before hiring a cleaning company, make sure you ask what services you’ll receive at their rate per square foot. You might need to pay more for specialized deep cleaning services but will receive basic decluttering and sanitizing services at a lower rate. Once you narrow down your choices of contractors, use their commercial cleaning pricing and see if the rates they charge fit the budget for your building. 

For example, if you have a 1,000-square-foot building and a contractor charges 15 cents per square foot, it will cost you $150. A 5,000-square-foot facility, on the other hand, will have to pay $750 for the same services at that rate.  

Service Type

Cleaning the floors of an office and wiping the windows of a storefront are two equally important tasks for each business. However, a cleaning crew might not charge the same amount for each one. It’s essential to research cleaning companies with specific services in mind and ask about their rates for each one. 

You might find that window cleaning isn’t part of a basic janitorial checklist and requires purchasing an add-on service. Other specialized services that could cost you extra include:

  • Parking lot or exterior power washing
  • Comprehensive floor stripping and waxing
  • Deep carpet cleaning

Contractors can set unique commercial cleaning pricing for these services. For example, something like floor waxing or tile and grout cleaning can cover a large surface area and come with rates based on the square footage of the floor. A window cleaning service could have a set rate per window that experts need to treat, as can appliance cleaning. 

Specific Equipment and Supplies

A cleaning company might not advertise higher prices for certain services, but if they require the use of special equipment, you may need to adjust your budget. Normally, contractors arrive at your facility with all of the cleaning supplies and equipment they need, such as:

  • Mops
  • Vacuums
  • Disinfecting sprays
  • Wipes
  • Brooms
  • Garbage bags
  • Dusters

They might need to make arrangements to receive other pieces of equipment on the job site, such as pressure washing machines or floor buffers. If your contractor needs to use these exclusive supplies in your facility, they may be reflected in your bill.

You can avoid confusion on this subject by reviewing all of the services you need with your contractor. Ask them for a written estimate with a breakdown of all the costs, including any extra equipment charges. 

Provider’s Hourly Rates 

Sometimes, experts don’t charge a commercial facility based on the building’s size or the type of service. They might instead issue a fixed hourly rate for every service. During your search for a commercial cleaning contractor, inquire about the hourly rates for crews and compare this price with costs from other companies. 

Type of Facility 

It’s important for every workplace to uphold health and safety standards regarding cleanliness, but some facilities require more extensive cleaning measures. This can ultimately impact the price of your commercial cleaning services. 

According to Home Advisor, retail and office cleaning cost anywhere from $20 to $80 per hour, on average. These services may include sanitizing common surfaces, like door handles, registers, or computers, and tidying up the floors. 

Restaurants or medical facilities tend to have more expensive rates because they require more extensive cleaning for the health and well-being of the public. Kitchen spaces must have clean surfaces without any traces of bacteria; otherwise, customers might contract a food-borne illness after eating a dish from an unsanitary restaurant. 

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities circulate germs and viruses without cleaning high-traffic areas. Experts must meet industry standards for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces and properly disposing of hazardous waste. The more cleaning measures your facility needs, the more you can expect to pay.

Frequency of Cleaning

Let’s compare two office buildings that have the same square footage and use the same cleaning service provider. One building sees contractors come in to clean once a month while the other schedules a weekly cleaning service. Which one pays more?

You might think that fewer cleaning appointments will save you money, but it’s usually more economical to schedule frequent cleaning services over a longer period. Building cleanliness and maintenance require constant care, so neglecting many areas of your workplace makes it more difficult when cleaners arrive. Many service providers offer price incentives when facility managers schedule multiple cleanings on an ongoing basis. 

Consider teaming with a provider like Clear Choice Janitorial and create a cleaning schedule that works for you. You can compare commercial cleaning pricing for infrequent services or daily appointments and develop a schedule that makes sense for your budget and industry. 

Facility’s Location

How does your geographic location impact the cost of cleaning services? If you work in a major city, you can expect to pay more than if you were in a rural area. Urban areas tend to have higher labor costs no matter what type of commercial service you need. 

Although this component isn’t as crucial to commercial cleaning pricing as other aspects, it’s still important to keep in mind. Research the average cost of cleaning services in your city to get a better idea of what a realistic budget looks like. 

Scope of the Project

Let’s say you operate a large sports venue that draws thousands of people for events. You hire a third-party cleaning service to clean every inch of the venue after an event takes place and get it looking spotless for the next one. A project like event center cleaning can involve many different aspects, including:

  • Sweeping litter from the floors and disposing of waste
  • Sanitizing bathrooms and restocking supplies like toilet paper and soap
  • Cleaning kitchen equipment in concession areas
  • Disinfecting common surfaces

If you decide to take this a step further with projects like power washing, window cleaning, or floor waxing, the overall project will take a while to complete, even with a large crew at work. Be mindful that large-scale services like these tend to cost more to complete.

Whether your contractor charges hourly rates or by square footage, their ultimate goal is to get your facility up to the highest cleanliness standards. Unsanitary spaces that need a lot of care and attention will take more time to reach those standards. 

Receive Full-Scale Commercial Cleaning Services From Clear Choice Janitorial

After reading this guide, you no longer need to wonder, “How much are commercial cleaning services worth?” The answer comes down to your building’s size, location, and specific needs. Finding a contractor to provide cleaning services that won’t break the bank depends on all of these factors. 

Turn to Clear Choice Janitorial for affordable commercial cleaning pricing and exceptional results. We’ll transform your property if dust, dirt, and grime overtake the surfaces and will perform regular cleaning services to maintain the building’s condition. Request a quote online or call (916) 750-0101 to learn more about what we do. 

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