Office Deep Cleaning Procedures By Our Expert

Office Deep Cleaning Procedures By Our Expert
August 22, 2023

Office cleaning experts are known to do the deepest cleaning of workplaces. Whether it is a monthly cleaning or a bi-annual one, they use and follow a systematic office cleaning process that pays attention to all the details and gives you meticulous office cleaning.

Right from dusting to disinfection, here is a glimpse of the office deep cleaning procedure by our experts at Clear Choice Janitorial.

The 7-Step Office Deep Cleaning Procedure

⇒ Step 1: Assessing The Office

Before the office deep cleaning, pros assess an office for its size and level of dirt. They make note of any areas that need extra attention. While doing this, they also make their office cleaning checklist that contains what tasks are to be done.

⇒ Step 2: Gathering The Supplies

Next, the experts collect all the required solutions, cleaners, equipment, and protective gear they will need when cleaning the office.

The common things needed while office cleaning include: all-purpose cleaners, specialized cleaners for different surfaces, microfiber cloths, mops, brooms, buckets, trash bags, spray bottles, dust pans, brushes, dusters, gloves, etc.

It also includes heavy-duty vacuums, steam cleaners, high-powered carpet cleaners, and industrial-strength disinfectants.

Once we are ready with our tools, we start cleaning.

⇒ Step 3: Decluttering The Office

We believe deep cleaning can not be done properly without decluttering the office. And so our professionals at Clear Choice Janitorial start with organizing and sorting the arrangement of your office area.

That includes keeping the messed up and cluttered things in their respective places and tossing any unwanted items into the bin.

Moreover, we also clear the space by shifting the objects that occupy bulk space to allow deeper cleaning of the office.

⇒ Step 4: Dusting And Wiping

The deep office cleaning proceeds with dusting all the surfaces with microfiber cloths, including the hard-to-reach ones. This removes all the build-up of dust and cobwebs from the surfaces, helping in further cleaning.

We start dusting with the high surfaces and proceed to lower areas as we clean. This covers everything from ceilings, corners, light fixtures, and fans to desks, cupboards, bookshelves, office furniture, chairs, tables, and the rest.

⇒ Step 5: Vacuuming, Sweeping, And Mopping

After dusting, all the office surfaces are vacuumed, swept, and mopped. Using specialized cleaners for different surfaces, we clean the dirt ingrained in every nook and cranny.

With HEPA vacuum cleaners, the carpets, furniture, and other elements are cleaned thoroughly. Hard floors are cleaned with brooms and dust mops to remove tiny dirt particles properly while focusing on edges and corners.

This deep cleaning is done individually for every area including reception, office room, cabins, kitchen and break rooms, and restrooms. To make the cleaning effective, we use safe solutions that effectively break down years of dirt and give cleaner surfaces.

We also restock the needed supplies and get rid of the trash during cleaning.

⇒ Step 6: Disinfection Of All Surfaces

After deep cleaning every surface, we move on to disinfect each. The high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, keyboards, and shared equipment are specifically disinfected with powerful disinfectant sprays and wipes.

This removes the lingering germs on the surfaces of your office and makes the environment healthier.

⇒ Step 7: Final Inspection

Once we have cleaned all the areas of your office, we ensure all the tasks have been completed and no area is left unclean or unnoticed. The pros take a walkthrough of the office and ensure complete cleaning.

Summing Up The Process

The office deep cleaning procedure starts with checking and assessing the office premises to decide the level of cleaning they need. Then, the pros gather their tools and protective gear and start the deep cleaning by dusting and wiping off every surface.

Later, sweeping and mopping of all the surfaces is done which ends with complete disinfection of every touch point. And lastly, a final walkthrough of the office is done to ensure complete cleaning.

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